About us


Charleen and Robert met on Facebook which was a surprise to them both, but the instant he saw her face Robert knew Charleen was the one for him. The only explanation for our discovery of one another and the relationship and marriage that followed, is through the lens of a phenomenon aptly named Twin Flames. We both know that we were meant to meet, for our paths, with such grace and ease, united. Although we were meant to meet we had to work on ourselves first, before this could happen. Healing and loving ourselves first to be in the right vibration for each other.

Our mission in this world is one of healing, in all ways possible, for all who wish to be helped and empowered to chose to live the life they dream.

~ Charleen ~

My Story

I was born and raised in Essex, England. Since about 12 years old I have always been drawn to Nature and all things spiritual. Over the years I have read, attended various events, workshops and trained in all sorts of spiritual related subjects. I like to learn from all and take what feels right to me. However trying and reading various things I came across the drum and since then I knew my path was on the shamanic path. Even though this is a hard path to follow due to having to really look at yourself and your deepest fears, I knew this was for me. I attended a shamanic healing weekend and this was the start of my deep healing. However this weekend was an eye opener as it started to open up my fears and at the time I do not think I was ready. However I still knew it was my path. I started again a couple of years later when I knew I was really ready. But during the gap I still attended other workshops/events and healings, working on myself as well as helping others.

The Shamanic Path

The shamanic path can be scary, as when you have to face your issues it can be tough. But once you are ready you plough on into your issues and confront them. Every time you do this it gets easier and you release so much and heal from it.

Having under gone shamanic training, (which was also a healing for me) and the various healings I have trained in as well as my experience in the last 14 years I am now able to help others. To help them heal themselves and to empower them. I am continually going to various workshops and events for my own self-development as there is always something to learn and always something to heal from. This in turn helps me to help others as I grow with experience.


I have always had a love and been drawn to the Angels. But recently I have been really drawn and now been called to work with them also along with my shamanic practices. To share their wisdom and healing with all. Some may say Angels and Shamanism ‘do not go together’ but it works for me. I am drawn and called to work with both and I use them separately at the moment as and when I feel which is right for a particular concern etc. It really is what works with you and what you are drawn to. There is no right or wrong. I like to look at it as balance, I would say Shamanism is a darker side as it is looking at your ego and fears and helping deeply in these areas and the Angels are light and a more gentler energy.


I started off with training in Aromatherapy and Massage and qualified in 2003. I then went onto qualify in Reiki level 2 in 2004. Then I discovered Rahanni Celestial Healing and had to learn it as it was an angelic healing! So I took the course with Carol Stacey (the founder) in August 2011. I then had a gap of any qualifications as I was working with what I had gained already along with working on myself through workshops and events. In 2015 I qualified as a Shamanic practitioner, 2016 qualified as an Angel Energy Practitioner® and finally became a Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher in August 2017.

Reiki and Massage

You may be wondering why I do not offer Reiki and massage. In regards to the Reiki I feel more drawn to Rahanni Celestial Healing and Angel energy. I do not feel drawn to Reiki anymore and I feel that I no longer should offer it if i feel this way. I am thankful I have learned it and used it for a time as it was the first energy healing I learnt and used and it has helped me. But for now, it is time for me to stop with it and to use the other methods I feel more in tune with.

I think I have always known my path was healing but it is only recently I have had the confirmation that it should be the healing I should be working with and not massage. Therefore I have given up the massage and am now focusing on the healing side.

How I will help you

I will help you through my experience and training giving you tools to work with to self heal and empower you. Providing healing, workshops and online information to help you on your path.

~ Robert ~

My story

I am a native Texan having been born in Dallas and raised in Sugar Land. My father’s side was a German family who immigrated to America during the German Land Grant and were given 100 acres of land for simply coming to America. I spent a lot of time on the open prairies of Texas and I realize now that I was privileged to have the closeness with nature that experience provided. My adoptive German family also raised me in a strong Lutheran belief system and I learned very early that spirituality was what inspired me in all things. For a long time I was convinced I was to be a pastor and I did study Theology at Houston Baptist University and Colorado Christian University, but in my personal time I studied every pagan religion I could find and my heart was always with the pre-Christian, Germanic beliefs of Northern Europe, specifically, the Vikings.

Runes & Spiritual insight

I was adept with and had a fluent understanding of the Elder Futhark Runes before I even graduated from high school and I spent well over two decades immersed in every book or resource I could find on anything in the realm of spiritual thinking and knowledge, from Asatru to Zoroastrianism. In my quest for wisdom I became a sort of wellspring of spiritual insight and soon realized I was on the path of bringing understanding and healing to others. I am comfortably nestled in my own belief and it is my own path. I want to aid in any way I can for others to find their paths; for each one is unique and we all have a path to follow.

Helping you

I seek to help others through healing, empowering and teaching in the use of the lore of ancient peoples and runic spirituality. Providing information through my writing, online courses and workshops.