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This article is part of the Goddesses for Every Season Journey I have decided to take and I am following the book Goddesses for Every Season by Nancy Blair. A year long Journey to meet a different Goddess a week. 

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Isis is a Mother Goddess and is from the Egyptian Pantheon. Her Father is Geb (Earth God) and Mother is Nut (Sky Goddess). Wife to the God Osiris (King of Egypt and the Dead) and Mother to Horus (Sun God). She was a devoted wife and mother and this makes her a good role model for all women as well as her skills as a magical healer and life giver. She was also known as the Mourner and is used in deity rites for the dead.

Compassionate, loving and tender, she comforts and protects all as a Mother. Helping women in childbirth, comforts them when a loved one passes and shows them they have inner strength they thought they never had.

A great healer, she helps those who are sick or in need of some healing, mind, body and spirit. Helping healers also in their work. Showing you to take responsibility for your own healing and guiding you and empowering you to awaken your healing abilities.

Isis is the divine feminine and is the embodiment of inner strength, compassion and love and reminds us to accept and acknowledge our emotions for both men and women.


Gold, Silver, Blue, Black, Red, Green.


Full Moon, The Nile, Papyrus, Knots, Buckles, Stars, Ankh, Throne, Cow, Wings, Milk, Rattle/Sistrum, Crocodile, Snakes, Geese, Scorpian, Sparrowhawk/Kite, Scarabs.


Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Ivory, Gold, Silver.


Cedar, Flax, Wheat, Barley, Lotus, All flowers, trees and green plants, Amber Oil, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Sweet Orange Cedar, Tamarisk, Balsam.

Meditation to connect with Isis

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle and maybe put on some incense or oil burner/diffuser to focus. Sit, close your eyes and relax. Take three deep breaths. Set your intention to meet and connect with Isis. Say in your mind ‘My intention is to connect with Isis.’ Say this three times.

Imagine you are in a hot desert, the sun beaming down on you, sand all around and you can see for miles. Looking around you do not see much but sand, so you pick a direction and start to walk. As you walk through the sand you notice a Snake coming towards you. You are a bit weary at first and stop in your tracks. It is a Cobra and his head perks up as he displays himself. He then says to you ‘She has been expecting you, come with me.’ You follow him through the desert and into a large hole.

Temple of Isis (Photographer unknown)

Dark surrounds you and you can not see anything but you still make your way forward. You then start to see some light and see that you are now in a corridor with fire torches hung on the walls. You are in an Egyptian building of some sorts. You can not see the Cobra anymore, but you carry on forwards and come to a door. A voice then says ‘Enter’ and you enter the door into a room/chamber. What does this room look like?

In front of you is a large throne and Isis is sitting in it. She says ‘Welcome child, you wished to connect with me?’ You say ‘Yes, thank you for connecting.’ She then says ‘I am the giver of life, Mother to all. Creator and giver, nurturing all.’ She stands up and approaches you. Taking your hand she leads you to an altar. What does she do next?

Take sometime to interact with her. Listen, observe what she does, ask questions.

After a while and when you are finished talking and connecting, you thank her. She gives you a gift and hugs you telling you she is always here for you, just call when you need her. Then she develops wings and floats upwards and disappears.

When you are ready, take three deep breaths and come back to the room.

Write down your experience. Did you notice any pictures/symbols on the walls of the corridor or room? What were they? What did Isis look like? What did Isis do when she took you to the Altar? What did you talk about? Did she have a message for you? What was the gift she gave you?

My Journey with Isis

As usual I took a drum journey to meet with Isis. When I got to my usual place when journeying, she was there already and straight off told me I needed to nurture my inner child and do some work with this. She then told me she was the Great Mother, she creates and births and takes care of all. She then hugged me and I noticed she was a lot taller and bigger than me, like I became a child. She told me everything would be ok and that I am a strong beautiful woman. That I would be a great Mother and to not worry and relax. She then started to dance and told me to as well. So closing my eyes I let myself go and swayed and danced. When it was time to stop, I opened my eyes and I was then in an Egyptian room and she was sitting on a throne. She approached me and anointed and blessed me as well as giving me healing. Telling me once again that I need to work on my inner child and gave me a gift to help with this. Then told me she is here always and she watches over all. Floating to the ceiling with wings she disappeared.

There was slightly more to my journey which I have not mentioned and not revealed the symbol as it is personal to me. Everything she told me made sense to me and you can also see that some of the things I picked up is what she is all about. The wings, healing, nurturing and compassionate, empowering by reassuring me of my inner strength and all will be ok.

As with all my journeys to connect with Goddesses, I try to connect to them before reading and researching up on them. This means I am not influenced on what my journeys reveal to me about them and then I have confirmation when I do go to look them up that I really did connect! This will really help with your confidence as you do more journeys and meditations and practice connecting. Sometimes this can not be avoided as you may know about them before hand, but that is ok. There will be something you may not know and find out about them that was revealed in your connection. The more you do the more confident you will get and trust in your connections.

I hope you found this information helpful for your connection with Isis. If you would like to have more information I have listed at the bottom a list of resources for you to read.

I would love to hear from you if you have started this Journey with me, connected to the Isis or any of the other Goddesses so far and want to share your experiences. Please leave your comment below. If you wish to ask me any questions, please do contact me. You can do this either by the contact page on this website, through FacebookInstagram or email at

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Isis & Son Horus

Love & Light



Resources used

Goddesses for Every Season by Nancy Blair 

Sources for continued reading

The Witches Goddess by Janet and Stewart Farrar


Charleen has qualifications in Aromatherapy, Angel Energy Therapy®, Rahanni Celestial Healing and Shamanic Healing. Using all these techniques as well as her experience she helps empower people and helps them to heal.

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