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Kuan Yin ~ Artist Unknown

2nd Week of Autumn, Goddess of the week

This article is part of the Goddesses for Every Season Journey I have decided to take and I am following the book Goddesses for Every Season by Nancy Blair. A year long Journey to meet a different Goddess a week.

Kuan Yin is the Goddess of unconditional love, compassion, mercy and kindness. Her name is also spelt Kuan Yim, Guan Yim and Kwan Im and is a short form for Kuan-shi Yin, meaning “Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the (human) World”. In Sanskrit, her name is Padma-pâni, which means “Born of the Lotus.” She is normally depicted with a lotus flower, a vase of nectar/dew and a willow branch. But she is also known to have many arms and heads to help her hear the prayers of the world and help all.

She is the maternal mother, a protector of children and observer of all sounds. She hears the prayers of all and she will listen and help you through life, all you need to do is ask her. She will comfort you as a mother does and give you unconditional love.

Kuan Yin is also a guide and feminine connection to Rahanni Celestial Healing. She is called in to help open the heart to unconditional love and light. To help open the heart to receive and give love. To help heal at every level.


White, Pink


Lotus, Black Tea, Rice, Rainbows, Vase of dew/nectar, Peacocks, 6 or 1000 arms, Eyes on palms of hands, Willow, Eight heads, Hou (a mythological creature resembling the Buddhist lion


Rose Quartz, Pearls, Jade, Pink Tourmaline, Emerald or any other pink or green stones


Rose, Jasmine, Lotus, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Willow Bark

Quan Yin by Zeng Hao

Meditation to connect with Kuan Yin

Get into a comfortable position. Take three deep breaths, relaxing your whole body. Hold your intention in connecting to Kuan Yin. You could say this in your head three times, ‘My intention is to connect with Kuan Yin.’

Breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Place your attention on your heart area. Imagine a pink light in your heart and as you breathe out, see it expanding. Getting bigger and bigger with each out breath until it surrounds your whole body. Feel the energy of this pink light. What does it feel like? Sit with this for a moment and just be.

Then with your attention on your heart ask for Kuan Yin to be with you. You feel her presence with you. She places her hands on your heart and sends you healing. Helping you open your heart up to unconditional love. To help receive it and to give it. Feel your heart open to this love for you. Feeling one with everything and knowing there is great love there for you and all. Kuan Yin then has a message for you and speaks to you.

After a while of sitting with this energy and speaking with Kuan Yin and when you are ready, take three deep breathes and come back to the room.

Write down your experience. What was she like? Did she appear to you? What was her message? How did you feel? What did the feeling of unconditional love feel like?

My Journey with Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin ~ Feminine energy of Rahanni. Copyright Carol Stacey Founder of Rahanni Celestial Healing

This week was a quick connection. I sat and placed my hands over my heart and imagined a pink light. With every exhale I imagined the light getting bigger and bigger until it surrounded me. I sat in this loving energy for a while. I then asked for Kuan Yin to be with me and for a message. She was very loving and I could feel she was understanding. She said ‘Be you in a world that is the same. Be the black sheep. There is much love here for you. You are beautiful and you are enough. Open your heart to unconditional love. It is all around you, inside you and outside.’ I then saw her and then a lotus flower at my heart opening up. I sat in the energy for a while. The she said ‘I hear your prayers and I am here for you. I will show you compassion and help you to feel it also.’ There was a few other things, but then she left. I thanked her for her connection.

Kuan Yin is here to help us open up to unconditional love. To open our hearts to give and receive and to help us be more compassionate. She will listen to you when you need someone to listen to and she will give you healing when you need it. Call on her in your time of need and for help to open up your heart, to heal and feel the love that is there for you and all.

I hope you found this information helpful for your connection with Kuan Yin. If you would like to have more information I have listed at the bottom a list of resources for you to read.


I would love to hear from you if you have started this Journey with me, connected to Kuan Yin or any of the other Goddesses so far and want to share your experiences. Please leave your comment below. If you wish to ask me any questions, please do contact me. You can do this either by the contact page on this website, through FacebookInstagram or email at info@thebridgingtree.com

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