6th Week of Summer, Goddess of the week

This article is part of the Goddesses for Every Season Journey I have decided to take and I am following the book Goddesses for Every Season by Nancy Blair. A year long Journey to meet a different Goddess a week. 

Nuit by Wendy Andrews

Nut/Nuit (pronounced Noot) is an Egyptian Sky Goddess. Married to Geb (Earth God) and Daughter to Shu and Tefnut. Ra the Sun God enters her mouth at sunset and is reborn again in the morning from her womb and the stars are also part of this cycle of life.

She looks after all as she arches over the Earth, her hands and feet touch the four cardinal points. As the cycle of life, she gives birth to the Sun/Son each day as she is known to be Mother and a Goddess to the underworld and rebirth. Nut is also sometimes said to appear as a Cow who’s body forms the heavens and the sky. The Great Mother who birthed all, a Cow that created the Milky Way and all the stars and planets. She has also been pictured as a Sow looking after her piglets, which are represented by the Stars, that she swallows at dawn and gives birth to at sunset.

Nut will help you and guide you as a Mother, she will look after and protect you and help you let go and manifest new ideas and inspirations into your life, just like the cycle of life its self. Loving and gentle she will help you to look and listen to your surroundings, to help you notice what is in the moment and to center yourself. Looking within and without, feeling at peace.


Dark and light blues.


Sky, Stars, Sycamore, Ladder, Pot of Water (on her crown), Cow, Sow, Moon.


Lapis Lazuli, Dark blue crystals/stones.


Lotus, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Sage, Lavender.

Meditation to connect with Nut

Find a quiet spot, put on some incense or an oil diffuser, light a candle and close your eyes.  Take three deep breaths and relax. Hold your intention in connecting to Nut. You could say this in your head three times, ‘My intention is to connect with Nut.’

Imagine it is night and the stars are shining bright. You are in a meadow, surrounded by long grass and wild flowers. You decide to lay down and look up at the night sky, taking in the wonder of it all. After a while, you see symbols in the stars. Is this Nut communicating with you? What are the symbols?

Nut by VelosiaWorld

Then suddenly a woman’s face appears to you and you realize this is Nut. She says ‘Hello dear one. I am Nut, the Goddess of the Sky, the Mother and Creator, the Goddess of the underworld and I protect all.’ You say hello and thank her for connecting. Continue your conversation with her and make note of what she tells you.

After some time and when you are ready you thank Nut again for connecting and she disappears. You take a few deep breaths, feeling at peace and come back to the room.

Write down your experience. What was Nut like? What message did she have for you? Did she answer your questions? What were the symbols that appeared?

My Journey with Nut

This was a short journey for me, but as usual there is always a powerful message! Meeting with my Power Animal, she took me through a corn field, day turned to night quickly. I was lead to a circle in the corn field and she told me to call to Nut, so I did this three times. I then suddenly floated into the sky and saw Goddess symbols around me and then Nut appeared. A beautiful dark skinned and haired woman. She gave me two symbols, the Ankh and the Scarab, telling me they are wisdom, life and hard work. She then continued to tell me that she was the night, the sky, the stars, the moon and that she watches over all. She watches and she listens to all. She told me she could teach me to listen more and observe. She said listen to the unspoken words, to the trees, plants, animals, moon and the stars. Listen to the wind. Finally she said ‘I am the watcher.’ and then disappeared. I floated back down and called in thanks to her and left.

As you can see short but powerful. We are never alone even though we may think this sometimes, especially when we are in need. The Goddess is always there to be called on, watching and listening, waiting for us to call for her help and guidance. Remember, to listen to all even the little things as they all have messages. Observe and watch as sometimes we miss things that could be a potential message.

Take a few minutes to sit with Nature or you can even do this in a quiet room. Close your eyes, relax, be still and try to connect to within. Listen. Has your body got a message for you? Do the Trees? Plants? Surroundings? You can also try watching and observing, especially animals as they can have messages too. Practice makes perfect. The more you do this, the more in tune you will become with your surroundings and your inner voice and the Goddess. Enjoy your journey.

Egyptian painting of Nut

I hope you found this information helpful for your connection with Nut. If you would like to have more information I have listed at the bottom a list of resources for you to read.

I would love to hear from you if you have started this Journey with me, connected to Nut or any of the other Goddesses so far and want to share your experiences. Please leave your comment below. If you wish to ask me any questions, please do contact me. You can do this either by the contact page on this website, through FacebookInstagram or email at

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Continued reading and resources

Goddesses for Every Season by Nancy Blair

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