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This article is part of the Goddesses for Every Season Journey I have decided to take and I am following the book Goddesses for Every Season by Nancy Blair. A year long Journey to meet a different Goddess a week. 

Artist unknown

Sekhmet, Egyptian Lioness Goddess. Daughter of the Sun God Ra, but also has been said to be the daughter of the Sky Goddess Nut and Earth God Geb.

She is the Goddess of the Sun, Lady of the Flame and Guardian of the gateway of rebirth. She is fierce but loving, protecting her own and those loyal to her, strong and powerful and will see hidden truths. Warrior, hunter and a healer.

Sekhmet will encourage you to live and follow your sacred path of inner integrity, help you to speak your truth and be honest and will empower you. She will help you with self healing and healing for others and will protect you.

A dark Goddess, she will help you with shadow work and to look deep within.


Gold, Yellow, Red, Orange.


Lioness, Lions, Sun, Sun Disk, Ankh, Egyptian Spitting Cobra, Septer formed from Papyrus (symbolizing the union of Heaven and Earth), Flames, Fire, Blood, Desert.


Red crystals such as Garnate, Ruby, Red Agates, Orange and Yellow crystals such Citrine, Orange Calcite, Topax, Tigerseye, Amber, Bloodstone.


Frankincense, Mrryh, Amber, Pomegranate, Copal, Dragons Blood, Red Sandalwood.

Meditation to connect with Sekhmet

Find a quiet spot, put on some incense or an oil diffuser, light a candle and close your eyes.  Take three deep breaths and relax. Hold your intention in connecting to Sekhmet. You could say this in your head three times, ‘My intention is to connect with Sekhmet.’

Sekhmet on the Temple of Kom Ombo

Imagine you are in a desert. Sand is all around you, the sun is high in the sky and its hot. In the distance you see pyramids. You start to make your way towards them as there is nothing else around. Although its a tiresome and long journey you know its worth it.

You finally get to the pyramids. There is one large one in the middle and two either side. You walk up the steps of the middle pyramid and enter it. Inside is quiet, painted with wonderful pictures and symbols. There is a door in front of you and you decide to walk up to it. It slides open and you hear a voice say ‘Enter’. So you enter and see a beautiful woman on a throne in front of you. ‘Who are you?’ the woman says. You answer her and state you are here to connect with Sekhmet. She nods for you to approach her and tells you she is Sekhmet. She says nothing else and you wait in silence as you do not want to force anything. She then stands and starts to talk to you. What does she say?

Take this time to connect with her, listen to what she has to say and ask questions.

When you have finished connecting and she has gone and ready to go yourself, take three deep breaths and come back to the room.

Write down your experience. What did she say to you? Did you ask questions? Were they answered? What else happened?

My Journey with Sekhmet

I started drumming a journey and was placed in the Desert, which is not where I normally go to, but my Power animal who greeted me told me its Egypt and this is where Sekhmet will be. She took me across the desert to three pyramids and I entered the middle one, into a large room with a throne in it. She told me to kneel and bow. As I did this I heard a voice say ‘Child why are you here?’ I looked up and saw a beautiful powerful woman on the throne. I knew this was Sekhmet. I answered I wished to connect with her. She then asked if I knew anything about her and I started telling her things I knew, but then I continued with more things which I didn’t realize I knew, but it seemed as though she was speaking through me to tell me. She is the sun, a lioness, powerful and strong. She has a temper but for good reason and she will help with inner strength. She is loyal and will protect her own and those who are loyal to her. She will teach others to defend their selves and their families. She then turned into a lioness, walked around me looking me up and down and then turned back into a woman. She told me she was all that and more. But if I wanted to know more I would have to come back many times to connect and be dedicated to her. She will teach me my inner wisdom and make me stronger than I am, knowing that I have great strength already. She then said her final words and message to me ‘Connect more to the wisdom within.’ and was gone.

This was another short journey, but still had a powerful message for me. Telling me I need to connect more within and this does make sense to me. Also you can see she requires dedication to her to reveal her mysteries and teachings. Some Goddesses will require this and some will not. It is entirely up to you what you wish to do, but if required to be dedicated, please take time to decide if this is something you truly want. You will know when the right Goddess/Goddesses will come along for you because you will instantly have a connection and feel drawn to them. Take your time on choosing a Goddess/Goddesses you really do want to dedicate yourself to and work with. Finding the right Goddess/Goddesses will be a wonderful experience and will help you in your life and your path.

Sekhmet from the temple of Mut at Luxor granite, 1403-1365 BC

I hope you found this information helpful for your connection with Sekhmet. If you would like to have more information I have listed at the bottom a list of resources for you to read.

I would love to hear from you if you have started this Journey with me, connected to Sekhmet or any of the other Goddesses so far and want to share your experiences. Please leave your comment below. If you wish to ask me any questions, please do contact me. You can do this either by the contact page on this website, through FacebookInstagram or email at

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Continued reading and resources

Goddesses for Every Season by Nancy Blair

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