The Great Goddess & Her Many Faces

The Great Goddess is the Divine Feminine. She is the Great Mother of all, who gave birth to all of life. She has many faces and all Goddesses come from or are the Goddess herself.

The Great Goddess

There are many Goddesses around the world and some even have similar attributes and so are connected to being the same Goddess. But all of these Goddesses are the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine. Making up her attributes and her qualities. Her different sides.

The Goddess has been here from the beginning of time, she is the Ancient Mother. You will find her throughout history, sometimes hidden, sometimes in plain sight.

There are many Goddesses around the world, from Greek and Egyptian mythology to the Kabbalah, just to name a few. Some have been forgotten and some have started to re-emerge.

Nature, Gaia herself is the cycle of life and rebirth. The wheel of the year constantly turning and going with the ebb and flow of life. There are Goddesses for every season, every aspect of the Great Goddess herself, light and dark.

Connect with Nature and you will connect with the Great Goddess and her many faces. Connecting and getting to know each season, connecting to the land, will help you in many ways.

So do you want to connect to the Great Goddess? To find out more about different Goddesses, how they can help you and how to honor them and connect with the Divine Feminine?

If the answer is yes, I invite you to take a journey and discover 52 Goddesses throughout the Seasons.

Here you will find information on 52 Goddesses, ways in which to connect with them, a meditation for each and how they can help you. I have also included a message from each of the Goddesses. These messages were channeled by me through my connections with them all.

The Goddesses I have picked are based on the book Goddesses for Every Season by Nancy Blair and the Seasons and weeks that have been chosen for each Goddess also come from this book. I purchased the book a while back and never got around to reading it. One day I saw it and realized now is the time to connect and to get to know the Goddess and her many faces. To find out more about her, her different aspects, energies and ways to honor her.

This journey has given me focus not only on a project but also in my connection to the Divine. It has been a commitment not only to myself but to the Goddess herself and was an experience of connection of her many faces, her energies and for going within.

How to use the information here

So there are 52 Goddesses, meaning a Goddess for each week. You can connect to each Goddess each week, making this a year long journey, or you can take your time, pick Goddesses you feel drawn to first, take a couple of weeks or even a month with each Goddess. You can also connect to any Goddess any time and do not have to go by the week written next to the Goddess. This is just something I have added from the book and thought it may be helpful to have a focus and starting point. This is your journey, so go with what feels right to you.

Of course, connecting to a Goddess each week and in a short time may not get you a very deep connection or relationship with them. However you can experience a good connection if you are dedicated and this will also help with finding a Goddess you feel you do connect to well and want to get to know more. Some Goddesses will be easy to connect with, some will not and may need you to commit yourself more to them. But I do know that getting to know about the different Goddesses and having some connection to the Divine will help you in some way and I hope you take the time to connect with them.

You can sign up and download a free Goddess worksheet to help you on your journey to connect to each Goddess. It will guide you on ways to connect and have space for you to write your own journey. To receive your copy CLICK HERE!

If you wish to ask me any questions, please do contact me. You can do this either by the contact page on this website, through FacebookInstagram or email at

Love & Light

Charleen xx

Goddesses so far…

Butterfly Maiden by Helena Nelson Reed


Astarte (8th Week of Spring)

Butterfly Maiden (9th Week of Spring)

Artemis (10th Week of Spring)

Aphrodite (11th Week of Spring)

Vila (12th Week of Spring)

Triple Goddess (13th Week of Spring)


Isis (1st Week of Summer)

Yemaya (2nd Week of Summer)

Selene (3rd Week of Summer)

The Great Goddess
Sekhmet by Hrana Janto

Sekhmet (4th Week of Summer)

Oshun (5th Week of Summer)

Nuit (6th Week of Summer)

Fortuna (7th Week of Summer)

Gaia (8th Week of Summer)

Primal Mother & Child (9th Week of Summer)

Amaterasu Omikami (10th week of Summer)

Bee Goddess (11th Week of Summer)

Cosmic Flow-er (12th Week of Summer)

Diana (13th Week of Summer)


Venus of Willendorf (1st Week of Autumn)

The Great Goddess
Medicine Woman ~ Artist Unknown

Kuan Yin (2nd Week of Autumn)

Snake Priestess (3rd Week of Autumn)

Shekinah (4th Week of Autumn)

Selket (5th Week of Autumn)

Medicine Woman (6th Week of Autumn)

Laussel (7th Week of Autumn)

Inanna (8th Week of Autumn)



FREE Goddess Worksheet

This Goddess worksheet will help you on your journey to connect to each Goddess. It will guide you on ways to connect and have space for you to write your own journey.

Click Here


2 thoughts on “The Great Goddess & Her Many Faces”

  1. I really need to connect with the Goddess don’t know what wrong with me since my mother gave birth to me have never been happy like am in a dark hole please help me contact with her

    • Hi,

      I am sorry it has taken me a while to reply, I have been busy with other projects.

      I am sorry you feel like this. The Goddess is within us all. To contact her I suggest to take some time to meditate and go within. Put some relaxing music on, lay or sit and close your eyes. Relax. Then set your intention to contact her. Ask her to come to you and see if you get a message in some way. This will take practice. You could try one of the guided meditations to the Goddesses on this website such as Kuan Yin or Yemeya.

      You can also sit in Nature or go for a walk and feel her energy and talk to her.

      If you are feeling that you are really stuck and are depressed, please do seek professional help such a Psychologist or your medical care giver.

      If you have anymore questions, please do contact me.

      Wishing you love and light
      Charleen x


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